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REFLOGY is another eminent app to refer your preferred restaurant merchants, salons, physiotherapists, gaming zone etc. Referring friends is also another way to earn rewards by syncing your contacts once you refer them to your friend’ for a service or to a merchant. Your referred friend can avail discounts offered by any REFLOGY merchant or a service provider. All these earned points will be added in your REFLOGY wallet.

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The best thing about Referring in REFLOGY is, you can choose your own merchant, select 10 friends and refer them to use REFLOGY app thru a coupon code. You can also share the app with friends and make money from it. As you refer you get 50 Reflogy Points in the first instance. You will only get the amount once referred friend uses your REFLOGY coupon code at a REFLOGY merchant. Your friend gets discounts offered by the merchant and you receive upto 5% on his/her purchase as reward points.

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Merchants & Service providers are open to customize & build their own offers for the duration they want & launch almost immediately on REFLOGY app. Be it a student gang or an office farewell party or to rejuvenate yourself!! REFER – EARN – CLAIM & REPEAT !

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India’s Merchant’s & service providers trust REFLOGY to scale their businesses. Bangaloreans are making the most of it by referring tons of friends & family. Grow your own business without investing! Merchants & Service providers can develop a scalable hype in their business by registering on REFLOGY.

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One of the biggest stresses of any business is finding a solid customer acquisition channel, or basically, bringing in new customers. When you have a solid referral marketing program, however, you let your existing customers bring new buyers to your brand. This not only significantly reduces spending on bringing new customers to your shop, but it also increases customer retention, which is a very good thing.