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Reflogy is your next favourite referral platform to explore, refer, and earn. Now, visit those hangout places you love with the discounted offer and chance to earn a lot of reward points. Simply download this app and start referring to your friends. The possibilities for you to earn are exponentially high as long as you keep recommending the app to your friends and family.


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Download your Reflogy app today itself to earn a lot of reward points, and avail discounted offers found nowhere else.

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Make your neighbourhood stores famous as you refer them to your contacts for the latest discounted offers only on the Reflogy app.

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Every day hundreds of outlets register themselves and offer discounted offers to their customers exclusively on the Reflogy app!

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General Questions

Merchant is the one who owns a business in any category and is listed on Reflogy.
No, not at all. It’s the same application for all users. Simply login and register.
Any listed merchant on Reflogy gets the benefit of increased sales, exposure, and recommendations through the ongoing referral program.
The listed merchant on the app can easily edit the product or service offerings in the app. They can also upload new product/service offerings as and when they like.
No, that’s not possible. You have to wait for the promotion to end.
Yes, that’s possible but only if they have multiple Franchises of the same business or completely a different line of business category.
Yes, of course. This QR is unique for every merchant listed on the Reflogy app. The QR is also present in the merchant’s uniquely registered account in the app.

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